Pay At The DivDat Bill Payment Kiosk In 4 Easy Steps

Pay These Bills

At any of the DivDat Kiosks on the map, you can pay these bills:

  • Water bills and property tax bills for
    • Detroit
    • Dearborn
    • Dearborn Heights
    • Eastpointe
    • Ecorse
    • Hamtramck
    • Redford Township
    • Wayne
  • Lansing Board of Water and Light payments
  • 36th District Court fines and fees
  • Most City of Detroit payments including:
    • Parking Tickets
    • Towing Fees
    • Property Tax Plan Ahead
    • Many other City payments
  • Wayne County Treasurer Delinquent payments

Download the DivDat
Mobile App!

Using Our Mobile App

Pay with a check or credit card on the Mobile app and save a trip to the kiosk!

Simply download the DivDat app from the Google Play store or Apple Store, depending on your phone. Follow the instructions to register your phone number, then add who what bills you want to pay.

The app shows you what bills you can pay, just select “Add Biller”.

You can select multiple accounts to pay, then make one payment at checkout.

If you pay by check, you will be prompted for the numbers at the bottom of your check, the routing number, and account number. You must enter them twice so there are no errors. Any errors in entering these numbers may result in the payment not going through!

There are no fees for check payments. There may be a fee for a credit/debit card payment. (You will be informed if there is a fee and how much the fee is. If you do not want to pay the fee you can cancel.

Any payments will be posted to your account the same day you make them. It may take a day for the payment to be reflected on the biller’s system. You will get a receipt to your phone.

Meet our Kiosk Ambassadors

Maybe you remember the first time you used an ATM or self-service pay station. How daunting that first experience was! Our goal of making payments free and simple can best be realized by helping kiosk users to feel at home using our payment technology. The DivDat Kiosk Ambassador program employs several “Kiosk Ambassadors” to help kiosk users feel more comfortable with the technology with personal, step-by-step assistance.

Our group of ambassadors have an average of 5 years of DivDat Kiosk experience and rotate around the network reaching as many users as possible. The human element of the equation is the missing link, and the Ambassador Program gives payers an additional sense of comfort in learning and understanding this self-service payment model.

Our Kiosk Ambassadors meet DivDat strict screening standards and wear a name badge and logo shirt or coat identifying themselves to users.

Ambassadors also have staffed community service days, payment plan program launch meetings, and many special events.

The DivDat Kiosk Ambassadors are here to help you use the kiosk.

See the calendar below to find a DivDat Kiosk Ambassador near you

Frequently Asked Questions

DivDat will never reach out to you to request or collect a payment.

If you are at the kiosk and have a question

Call 888-427-9869

I did not get a receipt

Call the hotline and inform them of the transaction, they can email or will print and mail a receipt to your home.

My check or credit card got stuck

If you accidentally put your credit card in the wrong slot and can’t remove it, call your bank or credit card issuer and freeze or cancel the card. The armored car company or technician will collect it, this may take a few days. The kiosk company will destroy the card when it is found.

Lost checks will be found by the armored car. If you made a successful payment with a check and it was stuck, the check will be destroyed securely by the kiosk company. If the payment did not process, you should either make another payment or call the number and ask if the payment went through. If it did not you will need to make another payment.

Checks – Personal and business checks only.

No money orders, no energy drafts, no cashiers checks, no third party checks.

Is there a fee to use the kiosk?

There is no fee for cash and check payments.

Credit card payments may have a fee,  the screen will tell you the fee before  you select “pay”

Cash discrepancy

Notify the hotline, leave your contact information with them. When the armored car comes, they will find any lost cash and report it.

What forms of money does the kiosk accept?

Kiosks take cash, personal check, and credit card for payment. Payments post the same day.

Is change provided?

No change is provided. Any extra balance will be placed on your account.